The source code for rbeapi is provided on Github at All current development is done in the develop branch. Stable released versions are tagged in the master branch and uploaded to RubyGems.

To install the latest stable version of rbeapi, simply run gem install rbeapi

To install the latest development version from Github, simply clone the develop branch and run

$ rake build $ rake install

To create an RPM, run rake rpm

To generate a SWIX file for EOS with necessary dependencies, run rake all_rpms then follow the swix create instructions, provided by the build. NOTE: PuppetLabs provides a puppet agent SWIX which includes Ruby 1.9.3 in /opt/puppet/bin/ which is different from where you might otherwise install Ruby. If you have installed the puppet-enterprise 3.x SWIX, then you should build and use the rbeapi-puppet3 swix, below. If you have installed the puppet-enterprise 2015.x SWIX, then you should build and use the rbeapi-puppet-aio swix, below. Otherwise, if you have installed at least Ruby 1.9.3 in the standard system location, then the rbeapi SWIX may be used.

$ bundle install –path .bundle/gems/ $ bundle exec rake all_rpms ... RPMs are available in rpms/noarch/ Copy the RPMs to an EOS device then run the ‘swix create’ command. Examples:

Puppet Open Source:
cd /mnt/flash; swix create rbeapi-0.4.0-1.swix rubygem-rbeapi-0.4.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-inifile-3.0.0-3.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-netaddr-1.5.0-2.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-net_http_unix-0.2.1-3.eos4.noarch.rpm
Puppet-enterprise agent (3.x):
cd/mnt/flash; swix create rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.swix rubygem-rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-inifile-puppet3-3.0.0-3.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-netaddr-puppet3-1.5.0-2.eos4.noarch.rpm
Puppet-All-in-one agent (2015.x/4.x):
cd/mnt/flash; swix create rbeapi-puppet-aio-0.4.0-1.swix rubygem-rbeapi-puppet-aio-0.4.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-inifile-puppet-aio-3.0.0-3.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-netaddr-puppet-aio-1.5.0-2.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-net_http_unix-puppet-aio-0.2.1-3.eos4.noarch.rpm


Arista# copy <URI-to-RPMs> flash: Arista# bash -bash-4.1# cd /mnt/flash/ -bash-4.1# swix create rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.swix

rubygem-rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-inifile-puppet3-3.0.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm rubygem-netaddr-puppet3-1.5.0-1.eos4.noarch.rpm

-bash-4.1# exit Arista# copy flash:rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.swix extension: Arista# extension rbeapi-puppet3-0.4.0-1.swix Arista# copy installed-extensions boot-extensions